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A Crucial Debate – Acts 15:1-35

This debate over circumcision is actually a debate about 2 crucial matters of the Christian Faith: 1) the truth of the Gospel of Jesus; and 2) the unity of the Church of Jesus. The outcome of the council confirms that nothing needs to be added to faith in Christ in order to be saved and…

Opposed – Acts 14:1-28

Last week we looked at how Paul and Barnabas are sent out by the church. This week we see that at soon as they are sent out by the church, they are opposed by the world, because the gospel is the great dividing line between the church and the world. But despite that opposition, the gospel…

Sent – Acts 12:25 – 13:52

We see in this passage this new church taking the initiative to send out missionaries to establish new churches. The church is a sending church, because the church is a sent church: Christians are those who have been sent by God – reflecting God’s own sending of his son to seek and save the lost. Christians…

Prisoner & Prince – Acts 12:1-24

This passage contrasts the prisoner (Peter), rejected by the world but rescued by God; and the prince (King Herod), applauded by the world but rejected by God. It shows us how God rescues, and forces us to ask if we will live for God’s acceptance or the world’s. Sermon Text