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Work – Genesis 2:1-15, 3:17-19

So much of life is work, and so it’s important that we understand what the bible teaches about it. In Genesis 2, Adam is called to work. Work is a “creation ordinance” – built into living life in God’s world. Here in Genesis we see that work is good, valuable, necessary, and frustrating. Sermon Text

Fill the Earth – Genesis 1:27-28; Matthew 28:18-20

With this sermon we begin looking at the “creation ordinances” – the commands given to humanity at their creation. Made as image-bearers of God, they are told to then fill the earth with image-bearers of God. Before the fall, this was accomplished solely through procreation (being fruitful and multiplying). After the fall, this required the…

God the Creator – Genesis 1:1-31

Genesis 1 through 3 is like an overture of the Bible.  It’s like an overture of an opera or a musical.  It comes at the beginning, and is distinct and unique in itself, but it introduces the musical themes that you will hear throughout the rest of the composition.  Genesis 1 is similar to that,…